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Delivering outstanding eye care for more than 20 years

14At Ravi Naru Opticians we are proud to offer a truly personalised service to everyone who walks through our door. Our expert optometrist oversees all stages of your eyecare journey, from eye examination to spectacle collection and final adjustment.
This guarantees our patients the highest possible standards of eyecare.

We’ve been looking after the eye health of people in Shipley for more than two decades and we are still welcoming new patients every week. We believe in taking our time with every eye examination to fully check the health of your eyes, not just your vision, and to discuss any concerns you have.

As part of our thorough examinations we offer retinal imaging. This high-tech photography allows us to examine the retina so we can detect the earliest signs of eye disease and, if required, manage these appropriately. The images taken are retained on your electronic record so that your eye health or any changes to your eyes can be monitored over a long period of time.

Our professional yet relaxed appointments means we are the ideal place to bring small children for their first eye test. We have a welcoming, child-friendly practice where they can have fun while getting their sight checked. There’s a treat for mum and dad too – all of our children’s glasses are covered by the NHS voucher so there is nothing to pay!

We set ourselves apart by having an optometrist who does almost all of our glazing personally. If you get a pair of glasses from us, chances are they’ll be put together by the same person who carried out your eye examination and helped you choose your frames; someone who knows exactly what you need.

Being independent means we can source almost any frame, lens or contact lens you want. We also keep up to date with all the latest developments in optics so we can make sure you benefit from any advances in eyewear.

We’re keen to help you save money whenever we can, so we have a popular monthly payment plan for our contact lens customers. We’ll also repair your glasses if possible and are happy to put new lenses into your own frames (as long as they are suitable) if that’s what you’d prefer.

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