Being independent allows us access to almost every type of contact lens on the market.

Contact lenses can be a great way of correcting your vision without being dependent on spectacles. The range and quality of contacts is improving all the time and more and more people can now find contact lenses to suit them, even if they have a complex prescription or complex needs.

Being independent means we can provide you with almost any lens on the market. We keep up-to-date with all the latest developments to ensure we can give you plenty of advice about the options available. There will also be aftercare available to you as long as you continue to use contact lenses from our practice.

Wearing contact lenses requires having a current prescription; you’ll need an eye examination if you’ve not had your sight checked for a while. Our optometrist will also carry out additional checks on the health of your eyes, and check the shape of the front of your eyes, since that can make a difference as to which lenses fit properly and offer optimum vision and comfort.

If you’re new to lenses we’ll give you tuition on inserting, removing and cleaning them. We’ll then want to see you again in a week or so to make sure you’re having no problems, and if you are, we will find a solution or perhaps try an alternative type of contact lens.

Some of the lenses we can provide you include daily and monthly disposables, coloured lenses, and even some which offer bifocal vision. We’re also able to provide speciality lenses for patients with eye conditions, for example keratoconus. In a number of cases we can even help customers who’ve been told by other opticians their eyes aren’t suitable for contact lenses.

Should you choose to purchase contact lenses from our practice, you may be interested in our monthly payment plan. This helps you spread the cost of your eyewear throughout the year and provides you with:

  • All your contact lenses
  • All the solutions you need
  • Contact lens after-care appointments every six months (or whenever required)
  • An eye examination every two years
  • Insurance, to provide up to four replacement lenses a year
  • 15% off the cost of a complete pair of glasses