We offer fun family friendly appointments for children and FREE spectacles if they are needed

Having good eyesight is crucial to the way children learn and develop, which is why it’s so important to have their eyes checked at a young age. Eye examinations are free for all children under 16 and, if they need glasses, we have a brilliant range of free frames.

We pride ourselves on being a child-friendly practice. There are toys in the waiting room and our relaxed appointments give children time to adjust to the slightly alien surroundings.

It is recommended children have their first eye test around the age of 4, but if there are any signs your child is struggling you can bring them along sooner.

Warning signs to watch out for include your child squinting at things in the distance, sitting very close to the TV, or suffering from headaches. School staff may not pick up on eyesight issues until they are more advanced, so it is therefore worth getting eye tests for your family so you’re not potentially jeopardising your child’s future.

Our computerised test chart allows us to display not only letters, but also numbers, colours and pictures, so it’s not a problem if children can’t read. Many of our younger patients enjoy having a go with the remote control to see what they can bring up on the screen, giving us the perfect opportunity to see their eyes in action without them even being aware.

We try to make appointments as much fun as possible but if children get upset or don’t want to co-operate, we can always split their examination over two or more appointments. The important thing is that we thoroughly check their eyes, and we’ll allow all the time that’s needed to do so.

Children’s glasses are now available in designs just as varied and fashionable as adult glasses. We have a much larger range than many opticians, including frames which are metal, plastic and in lots of different colours. We choose to offer all our children’s frames free of charge – providing good vision for children is too important not to. NHS repairs and replacements spectacles are also free for children under 16.