Today, there is a lot more to creating the perfect eyewear than simply choosing a frame you like. With an extensive arrange of high tech lenses available to you, your eyewear can now reduce glare, make working with a computer more comfortable and even repel dust.

Being independent means we can provide you with virtually any optical lens to be fitted in your chosen frame. Our favourites are from the brand Essilor; they’re great quality and have a wide range to suit every circumstance. However, if you’re after something by a different supplier, we have an in-depth knowledge of a number of other ranges.

At Ravi Naru Opticians we do almost all of our own glazing, meaning it’s the optician who tested your eyes who puts your glasses together. He’ll know all the details of what you discussed and will be able to produce the perfect pair of glasses for you much more quickly than most other opticians.

Some of the choices available to you in our practice are:
  • High index lenses – these are carefully engineered to offer the sight correction needed for a complex prescription, but using a much thinner and lighter lens.
  • Office lenses – these enable you to comfortably view a computer screen on the desk and paperwork closer to you
  • Varifocal lenses – these will help you switch between long distance and close-up tasks without having to switch your glasses. They are cosmetically attractive as they have no “bifocal” line
  • Coated lenses (such as Crizal UV lenses) – these have a scratch-resistant coating but also block harmful UV rays, reduce glare and are resistant to dust, grease and water.
  • Transition lenses – These will lighten and darken with the sun making them a great all round lens to suit any situation.

It’s also possible to add a coloured tint to help protect your eyes from the UV radiation in sunlight.

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