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Eye Examinations

We allocate a full 30 minutes to all our eye examinations which allows us the time to determine an accurate prescription, assess the health of your eyes and address any concerns that you have.
At the conclusion of the exam we will recommend the most appropriate lenses for your needs and offer advice on any issues that you ask about.

We welcome NHS Eye examinations, which are carried out in exactly the same way.
To see whether you are entitled to an NHS eye test, please click here.

Children’s Eye Examinations

Having good eyesight is crucial to the way children learn and develop, which is why it’s so important to have their eyes checked at a young age. Eye examinations are free for all children under 16 and, if they need glasses, we have a large range of free frames.

We pride ourselves on being a child-friendly practice. There are toys in the waiting room and our relaxed appointments give children time to adjust to the slightly alien surroundings.

We try to make appointments as much fun as possible but if children get upset or don’t want to co-operate, we can always split their examination over two or more appointments. The important thing is that we thoroughly check their eyes, and we’ll allow all the time that’s needed to do so.

Children’s glasses are now available in designs just as varied and fashionable as adult glasses. We have a huge range of children frames, including frames which are metal, plastic and in lots of different colours. We choose to offer all our children’s frames free of charge – providing good vision for children is too important not to. NHS repairs and replacements spectacles are also free for children under 16.

Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging involves taking a photograph of the back of your eye. It is one of the best ways of detecting and monitoring the early signs of eye disease and is so important, we’ll offer it at no extra charge to any patient we feel would benefit from it. Our retinal camera needs just 30 seconds to get a picture of the back of your eye. At no point does any of the equipment come into contact with your eye so you won’t feel a thing. The process may not even require drops to make your pupils dilate so your vision is completely unaffected. We keep all retinal photographs on file so we can compare them with future images and track any changes in your eyes over time. If you would like to have access to your own results we’re happy to provide an electronic copy of your images if you bring us a memory stick.

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